On the first of February 2011, I saw this strange thing in a plastic flower pot tray outside on the deck. I grab my camera and took some pictures. It appeared to be an ice structure that had a bubble of water on top. Time was about 7:45am. I left for a spin class at the sports center. I returned shortly after 10am and found that the structure had completely frozen with "drip" going up on top. Took several more pictures. At lunch time I checked it again and it was starting to melt took a couple of more pictures. By 1:15 pm it was gone.

First photo

First Photo take at about 7:45am


Another angle

Detail view

A detailed view zoomed in

Another Detail

Another view at the left you can see the relections of the deck railing in the water

2 hours later

Now 10:10 Threw in a reference for size


An over view

3 hours later

Another photo time 12:12pm starting to melt.

By 1pm it had melted. I took over 30 shots with a Nikon D90.